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A principal is the soul of a school and a source of confidence and motivation for its staff. The continuous efforts of the Principal of BIS, Ms. Seema Behl were recognised when she was presented an award “You Make The Difference” by the group of Academic Heights in an event “Samvaad”.

She is undoubtedly a constant source of inspiration and motivation for the staff.

    The Principal of Brain International School, Vikas Puri, Ms. Seema Behl has always believed that “In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can”. Working diligently together with her staff members, she has taken the school to new heights in the last 10 years.

    Exhibiting excellence since 1991, BIS once again glistened amongst Delhi schools by bagging the ‘Certificate of Achievement of Top CBSE Schools’ of New Delhi in the category ‘Co-Curricular Education’ bestowed by Education Today for the exemplary contributions to the Education field. The award was conferred to the Principal on 8th September, 2018 at The Taj, Gurugram. The award is a result of immense years of hard-work and dedication put forth towards excellence. Be it curricular or co-curricular activities, the school always gleams. Overcoming all the obstacles faced during the journey, the school has stood up to be a shining star.

      Inter school competition on 24th August 2018 in Mount Carmel School Jr. Wing sec 28 Dwarka

      Technology plays vital role in our daily lives. These include electronic games, home computers, handheld devices and different type of gadgets. Gadgets are popular in children and as likely in elders. Mount Carmel School Jr. Wing Sec 28 Dwarka, hosted Gzimo Gadgets Inter School Competition on 24 th August 2018. The event provided students of different schools and opportunity to get together to showcase their talent & creativity. Mannat Murgai Class Nursery from Brain International School won IIIrd position. With the rolling trophy and cash prize 500 rupees was awarded to her.

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