Self Defence Classes

To establish mental awareness in children especially girls and to learn assault avoidance strategies that could stop a crime before it even happens, Self defence classes are given due importance in all the school these days. BIS, too understands that facing violence at a young age, when children cannot fully comprehend what has happened to them, has severe psychosocial repercussions. 
Understanding that self defense is the need of an hour especially in the back drops of increasing incidents of harassment. After the ghastly rape and murder cases reported in the country our school is giving due momentum to the self defense classes. Self defense means using their body aggression as a weapon rather than endangering the aggressors. Sometimes a sharp stare or a noisy rebuke would send the perpetrator’s packing. So it’s about giving girls a self confidence to stand up for their own safety.
For around ten days, we organized these classes with the collaboration of Indian Police. A demonstration of physical drills by women personnel’s were organized on the stage and girls learnt all the skills with full efforts and attentiveness.
It had bolster their confidence level and equipped them better to fight unexpected physical attacks.

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