Special Assembly 2019-20

The Earth Day 2019

“Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries.”
The most important day for humans and humanity ‘Earth Day’ was celebrated in BIS on 22nd April, 2019 in the morning assembly. Earth day reminds us our duties towards our mother earth and pay attention to various disastrous issues like depletion of natural resources, pollution and global warming which are troubling our existence. A student Vaanya Gaur 8th A presented a Mono Act where, as the earth she urged everyone to decorate it with green plants and by taking all the necessary measures to keep it clean. Alokik Sharma 8th B presented a beautiful and mesmerizing poem through which he sang the legacy of the earth and what it expects from us. 
The students were sworn to take care of the earth for the protection and healthy survival by all necessary measures, required.

Brain Drain : Is it a one way ticket ?

Brain drain refers to the mass departure of learned and talented people from a country, organization or industry. Reasons behind this mass departure are unemployment , Bad economic policies, lack of opportunities for talented people, better lifestyle in developed countries, currency differences and increased population.
It has a negative impact on the place of origin as it suffers from loss of talent which in turn affects the economic condition and the development of a country.
Highlighting the current burning issue of the society, the students of Class XII A and Class XIIC presented a” Nukkad Natak” in a special assembly conducted on15thApril , 2019 , on the effects of brain drain on our country .They came forth to showcase the importance of “BRAIN GAIN” instead of “BRAIN DRAIN”. The students enlightened the audience about the efforts made by the government to improve the job prospects and ease of doing business .Now its duty of every citizen to put up their best for the nation.

Issues of past, solutions of present and a glimpse of future.

As the clock struck midnight on August 15, 1947 the world’s biggest democracy was born. India had become an independent nation. Years had rolled over since independence, yet, where do we Indians stand in global arena? Freedom and power bring responsibility- the future is not one of ease or resting but of incessant striving. With a view to reflect this, students of class XII-B conducted a special assembly showing issues of past, solutions of present and a glimpse of future. They focused on problems of past like unemployment, educational standards, sati system etc. and showed the programmes initiated by the govt of India. With the help of this, they predicted a bright future of India.

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