“There are no secrets to success. It is a result of preparation, hard work and learning from failures.”                                                                                                     - Colin Powell

The students of Class X and Class XII have once again, made their alma mater, Brain International School, proud with their achievements in the CBSE Board Examination of 2017-18. This year, the outstanding achievers are:


School Toppers:

Kanak Jangid  - 93.6%         Pratyaksh Bhalla  - 93%                Aditya Thakur - 92.6%

Subject Toppers                 Score   Achievers

MATHEMATICS                   98%     Kanak Jangid (XII B)

COMPUTER SCIENCE        98%     Manreet Kaur (XII A)

ENGLISH                             95%     Kanak Jangid (XII B),Chahat Verma (XII A), Sukriti Sharma (XII A), 

PHYSICS                              95%     Aditya Thakur (XII A), Pratyaksh Bhalla (XII A)

CHEMISTRY                         95%     Aditya Thakur (XII A), Pratyaksh Bhalla (XII A)

BUSINESS STUDIES           95%     Amandeep Singh (XII B), Kanak Jangid (XII B)

ACCOUNTS                          93%     Meharpal Singh (XII B)

ECONOMICS                        95%     Tanishq Marwah (XII B)

Informatics Practices             92%     Bhavya Kumar Garg(XIIB)




School Toppers:

Nishtha Arya (98.2%)            Namita Arya (96.6%)          Aanyashree (96.2%)

Subject Toppers                    Score                           Achievers

MATHEMATICS                      100%                           Nishtha Arya, Namita Arya,Gursahib Singh

SCIENCE                               100%                           Sanya Dua                  

SOCIAL SCIENCE                 98%                             Harshit Kapoor, Nishtha Arya

ENGLISH                                97%                            Nishtha Arya,Namita Arya 

HINDI                                      97%                            Nishtha Arya

FRENCH                                96%                             Nishtha Arya,Harshit Kapoor              


The school congratulates all students on their achievements and wishes them the very best for their future endeavours.

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