Celebrations 2017-18

Teacher’s Day Celebration

To the world you may be just a Teacher but to your students you are a HERO!
Teachers play a major role in making their students responsible citizens of tomorrow and good human beings. The teacher’s day celebration was held in the school premises, conducted by the students of classes XI and XII. The words are perhaps not enough to describe the incredible performances done by the students for their teachers. Teachers were felicitated with different titles reflecting their personality. This was not the end of the celebration; it continued as all the BIS staff went to the ‘The Barbeque Company in West Delhi’ for lunch. There everyone enjoyed to the fullest as there was dance performances, games and song competition organised by the teachers themselves. All in all, it was celebration mode for everyone!


Independence Day Celebrations 

Brain International School celebrated the Independence Day with gusto. The entire school was festooned with the colours of Indian flag. The program witnessed the benign presence of the Manager of the school Mr. Ved Prakash and Mrs Raman Mittal, Principal, Brain Kids School , Dwarka. The celebrations commenced with a march past where the young brigade of the school marched forward with their promising spirits to keep the flag of the nation always high. The school even conducted its Investiture ceremony whereby the young council members of the student’s body were bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring the smooth functioning of the activities and events of the school with unflinching commitment and competency. The school Principal Mrs Seema Behl, The Manager, Mr. Ved Prakash pinned the badges to the council members. The principal administered the oath to the members to perform their duties with complete sincerity and devotion.The solemn occasion of freedom witnessed the inspirational dance performance on the Vandematram and Teeza Tera Rang. The highlight of the programme was the Play “ Salute to Bravery where the children reflected upon the tough lives of soldiers and police officers who sacrifice their comforts to make our living happy and comfortable.The entire audience was mesmerized by the spirit of the young leaders and appreciated them for their unmatched performances.










Janmashtmi festival was celebrated with great zeal and pomp by the students of nursery and prep class. Students came dressed in as Krishna & Radha and other colourful outfits. Students celebrated the occasion by singing & dancing with great joy.

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